2023 DPi LED UV Curing Systems

2023 DPi LED UV Curing Systems

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We offer the most advanced 25W/ cm² LED UV ink curing systems for your application. Our powerful air LED lamps for both web and cut sheet will satisfy all your curing needs. The UV system can be integrated into a web press mount designed specifically for your press and inkjet head width.

Our UV systems have the highest UV output of any low energy UV system. There is enough energy to cure at the highest production speeds, without compromise to the finished product.

  • Cover 3″ to over 22″ print widths
  • Air or liquid cooled LED available
  • 40,000+ hours of lamp life
  • Super low power requirements, 3″ and 6″ systems run on 110v
  • Instant on / off – on demand curing with no downtime
  • Tilt Interlock Safety System for handling


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