MCS Pro Tabber 4"

MCS Pro Tabber 4"

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The MCS Pro Tabber/Labeler was designed for the professional mail shop. The inline design allows the MCS Pro tabber/labeler to be used with almost all existing professional paper handling equipment used in the mailing industry today including friction feeders inserters and inkjet bases. The intelligent rugged design makes it ideal for high speed applying of mailing tabs, labels, stamps and post-it-notes. The unit can be operated as a stand alone with a feeder, our in-line with other equipment. As a tabber, the MCS Pro Tabber can apply up to three tabs per mailing piece in one pass, and can rap the tab on the top or bottom of the piece. The four-inch label on the MCS Pro Tabber/Labeler allows Labels and Post-It-Notes up to four inches wide!


Product Size - 3”x5” to 13.5”x17”

Min Thickness: 20lb paper folded

Max Thickness: 5/8”


Self-adhesive on roll w/3” core w/min. 1/16” gap between tabs, labels, stamps and Post-It-Notes.

Roll Size - Up to 19.5” diameter rolls

Production Rates - Up to 30,000 pieces per hour single tab, label or stamp.


ModelPro 1024
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